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Fraud investigations and Private Prosecutions

When a corporation suspects that fraud is being carried out against it, any suspicions or allegations require thorough investigation.

If investigations indicate that fraud has been perpetrated, a corporation has three options:

  • Report the matter to the police and let them decide whether to bring a criminal prosecution.
  • Initiate civil proceedings against the person or persons believed to have committed the fraud. See our Civil Fraud section for more details on this option.
  • Bring a private prosecution, as is your right under the Prosecution Offences Act 1985, against the person or persons suspected of the fraud.

A private prosecution can be a rapid and effective response when wrongdoing has been identified. It gives you more control over proceedings than a police investigation. In the right hands, it is less costly than civil litigation and works as a deterrent. Evidence obtained can also form the basis of civil litigation.

It should also be remembered that costs in private prosecutions can be recoverable – potentially, at commercial rates – even if a person is acquitted; making this course of action cost effective, efficient and a swifter route to justice than relying on police investigations.

It is possible to initiate civil proceedings while, at the same time, reporting the matter to the police or bringing a private prosecution. Civil proceedings can prove to be a simpler remedy as the emphasis can be on recovery rather than punishment and they can be halted if a settlement is reached between the parties.

But before any option is chosen, the initial allegations must be investigated. At Rahman Ravelli, our corporate fraud lawyers are experienced in conducting thorough, informed internal investigations on behalf of clients. Our legal expertise, experience and ability to unearth and follow the evidence trail make us the logical choice for corporations wanting to get to the truth about suspected wrongdoing by staff or associates.

We provide investigatory skills, advice and the expertise to initiate both civil and criminal proceedings. Our solicitors can then outline the implications, possible strategies and chances of success of all options. We can create a private prosecution or civil proceedings to a corporation’s exact needs and assemble all relevant evidence should the police be brought in. Rahman Ravelli is skilled in taking cases from initial investigation through to the culmination of a prosecution or civil proceedings.

At all stages and in all types of corporate fraud cases, Rahman Ravelli’s Corporate Fraud Department provides the very best advice so that corporations take the right action and secure the best outcome.

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