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Why instruct Rahman Ravelli? We are good at what we do and we have a reputation as fraud solicitors and for pro-active defending.

Serious fraud is one of Rahman Ravelli’s major areas of expertise. Our robust, pro-active representation of clients ensures they have the best defence available to them.

At Rahman Ravelli, all of our fraud lawyers have extensive experience of dealing with the various agencies that conduct fraud investigations. These include the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the City of London Police, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Financial Services Authority (FSA) – and its successors the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - trading standards departments, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and its replacement the National Crime Agency (NCA), professional regulatory bodies and various police forces in the UK and abroad.

Specialist Advice

Fraud allegations can be damaging to a person and an individual. Immediate and appropriate action has to be taken once a problem becomes apparent. The right legal expertise is essential.

Rahman Ravelli provides that expertise to protect your rights and your business. We make sure that every client suffers the minimum of stress and discomfort and is kept fully informed of all developments.

We regularly receive instructions on cases alleging anything from multi-million pound fraud, money laundering and tax fraud through to mortgage and property fraud, investment fraud and boiler room operations.

Bespoke teams

By tailoring a legal team for each client and using our extensive experience of dealing with investigating agencies and analysing evidence, we are able to handle every case carefully and tactically. Our skill, persistence and negotiating abilities make us the logical choice for a client who wants to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our track record in major, high-profile cases shows that we obtain the highest levels of success for those we represent; no matter how determined the prosecuting agencies are to gain a conviction.

And our track record covers all types of fraud cases. A brief summary is provided below - please click on individual sections in our serious fraud services menu for further information.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

We provide the necessary specialist, expert legal representation and experience required to deal effectively with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); having dealt with its predecessor the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for many years. Our compliance team are perfectly qualified to advise on avoiding problems with either the FCA or its sister organisation, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA); which regulates banks, insurers and investment firms.

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SFO Defence Solicitors

When it comes to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), we have a record of success that comes from us being dedicated to devising a detailed defence strategy and assembling a specially-tailored defence team for every single case. Each SFO case we take on is handled by solicitors with in-depth knowledge and experience of the workings of the SFO. We know the precise potential of every situation and the exact value of using legal options such as self reporting and deferred prosecution agreements.

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Property & Mortgage Fraud

Complicated financial arrangements and chains of transactions are often the cause of lengthy investigations in mortgage and property fraud cases. Investigators are often looking for signs of other criminal activity such as, for example, money laundering. As specialists in fraud matters, we represent clients in some of the UK’s largest property and mortgage fraud cases. We defend solicitors, mortgage brokers, surveyors, developers, estate agents and financial advisors - and advise them on legal compliance to explain how the risk of fraud can be minimised.

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Tax & VAT Fraud Lawyers & Solicitor Services

Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) VAT Frauds (or carousel frauds) are often drawn-out, complex investigations, with prosecutors looking to link transactions and identify trading patterns. We have been involved in the countries most complex and biggest cases. We approach such cases strategically - using investigatory skills, forensic accountants and specialist barristers to achieve the best outcome.

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International Corruption Defence

With bribery and corruption cases often involving prosecuting agencies working closely together – and having the benefit of the far-reaching Bribery Act – we compile skilled legal teams and instruct expert counsel to defend clients forcefully. Our International Regulatory and Corporate Crime Division specialises in such cases in the UK and abroad and has experience of cases involving millions or billions of dollars, spanning countries, governments and agencies and including various business sectors.

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Money Laundering

Money laundering investigations may involve many different agencies, vast amounts of possible evidence and an intensive series of interviews. We seek all the evidence and apply for full disclosure of materials obtained by investigating authorities; whether or not they intend to submit it as evidence. Our belief in utilising all available information to rebut prosecution inferences and our use of expertise and expert witnesses to dismantle the prosecution case piece by piece means we leave no allegation unchallenged at any stage.

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Search Warrants and Restraint Orders

If clients are being made the subject of search warrants and are to be – or have been – the subject of a raid, we put our expertise to use to ensure procedural rules regarding the warrant application and the conduct of investigators during a search are adhered to. We view such legal situations as offering huge potential for devising and acting upon a forceful defence strategy that puts the prosecutors on the back foot. From challenging the legal grounds for a raid to making sure rules regarding evidence are observed, we leave the investigating agencies no scope for exceeding their authority.

The 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) gives agencies the power to recover assets they believe to be proceeds of criminality. POCA allows various authorities to apply for a restraint order to freeze a person’s assets at any stage of an investigation. On conviction for certain offences, such as financial crime and drug trafficking, agencies can seek a confiscation order to take away a person’s assets permanently. We provide the insight, strategy and pro-active approach to mount a powerful defence on behalf of our clients’ rights to retain their assets in the face of restraint and recovery tactics employed by prosecutors.

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Rapid Response Team 24 Hour Emergency Contact: 0800 5593500.

Serious Fraud Articles

Business Crime Defence

"Why instruct Rahman Ravelli? We are good at what we do and we have a reputation for pro active defending."

Tax & VAT Fraud Lawyers & Solicitor Services

Accused of an MTIC Fraud? Investigated for VAT Fraud?

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was created specifically to investigate and prosecute wherever it suspects or identifies examples of misconduct in the financial markets. As the main regulator of the financial markets, it can bring criminal proceedings and regulatory enforcement proceedings.

Property & Mortgage Fraud

Rahman Ravelli has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with property and mortgage fraud cases. Our portfolio of cases spans from the simple to the hugely complex mortgage fraud cases involving hundreds of millions of pound; including what has been described as the UK’s biggest mortgage fraud case in a decade.

Taking Immediate Steps

Accusations of fraud have to be tackled immediately. The company or person being accused or investigated has to act quickly and appoint the right legal representative to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Specialist Fraud Panel

Complex fraud defence requires special skills and experience.

SFO Defence Solicitors

Being investigated by the SFO? We can help. SFO defence solicitors, specialist solicitors, regulatory defence solicitors.

International Corruption Defence

Accused of corruption? Specialist defence lawyers and serious fraud solicitors.

Money Laundering

Accused of money laundering? Specialist fraud solicitors, defending Proceeds of Crime Act offences.

International Corruption

To say that corruption is now under increasing scrutiny is a huge understatement.

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