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Being investigated by the SFO? We can help. SFO defence solicitors, specialist solicitors, regulatory defence solicitors.

If you are being investigated by the SFO we can help. At Rahman Ravelli we have a specialist Serious Fraud Department and we have a reputation for dealing with high profile and complex cases.

We are members of the Specialist Fraud Panel, a small nationwide group of specialist solicitors recognised as having the skill and experience to deal with complex and lengthy fraud prosecutions.

Rahman Ravelli are pro-active and robust defenders and experts at dealing with prosecution and investigating authorities. Formulating an early strategy to deal with any investigation is important because what you say now and the direction you take will have a great impact on the eventual outcome of any investigation or prosecution. We will advise you on all aspects in confidence and will always act in your best interests.

Where appropriate we will negotiate or make representations on your behalf to achieve the right outcome. Sometimes taking immediate steps can stop an investigation or prosecution in its tracks.

Being investigated or prosecuted for serious fraud can be stressful as these investigations are complex and the end sometimes seems far away. At the first sight of any enquiry be sure to take immediate advice to best protect your interests and that of your business. Rahman Ravelli is a nationwide practice and we represent clients all over the country. We are available 24/7 to our clients.

Understanding the SFO

Serious Fraud Office

"To investigate any suspected offence which appears to [the Director] on reasonable grounds to involve serious or complex fraud.""
S 1 (3) Criminal Justice Act 1987

The SFO uniquely investigates and prosecutes cases. The SFO therefore normally deals with cases involving some of the following factors:

  • The value of the alleged fraud exceeds £1M
  • The case is likely to give widespread public concern
  • There is a significant international dimension
  • There is a need for highly specialised knowledge
  • The fraud is complex and the SFO's special powers are needed

The Investigation
Caution must be taken against the SFO's powers of questioning and interviewing - see for example s.2 Criminal Justice Act 1987.

A written notice is usually sent. The notice may not provide all the information necessary as to whether the person receiving the notice is a potential witness or likely to be charged.

Advice: If you receive a notice, contact us so as to be properly advised. Many times it is possible to anticipate a course of action and adjourn interviews so that you can seek advice and be properly represented.

Production and Seizure of Documents
The SFO have powers to order the production of documents. There are various documents which they are not entitled to. You should seek immediate advice.

Warrants and Dawn Raids
The SFO can obtain warrants for the above and conduct a search of your premises.

The SFO will in most circumstances wait for a reasonable period before starting the search. It is advisable to have a lawyer present.

For further advice:

Contact our Serious Fraud Department.

Taking Immediate Steps - Read more


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