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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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»  Abuse of Process



»  Insider Trading
»  Costly Compliance



»  Being on the wrong side of an investment fraud prosecution
»  Understanding Telephone Evidence in Covert Surveillance: A Human Rights Perspective
»  Understanding Mortgage Fraud: Expert Insights and Legal Perspectives
»  Understanding Insider Dealing: A Guide to Market Manipulation Investigations
»  Understanding Abuse of Power in Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations
»  Understanding the Role of Anonymous Witnesses in Criminal Investigations
»  Challenging Evidence in Business Crime Defence: Expert Guide
»  Disclosure - Public Interest Immunity (PII)
»  Understanding Restraint and Receiver Orders
»  Challenging Surveillance Evidence: A Guide to Human Rights Defence
»  Guide to Navigating Police Interviews When Arrested or Investigated
»  Understanding Custody Time Limits: A Guide by Criminal Solicitors
»  Understanding Disclosure and PII Procedures in Business Crime Defence
»  Understanding the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000: A Guide
»  Understanding Covert Surveillance: Human Rights & Defence Against Secret Recordings
»  Police Surveillance Techniques and Your Human Rights
»  Disclosure, Public Interest Immunity and the Criminal Justice Act 2003
»  The Changing Duties of Disclosure in Criminal Trials
»  Understanding Public Interest Immunity in the Criminal Justice Act 2003
»  Competitive Tendering For Criminal Defence Work
»  Understanding Covert Surveillance: Human Rights Defence and Privacy Laws
»  Defending Against Criminal Accusations: How to Challenge Your Accuser
»  Informant Evidence: Tactics and Strategy
»  Understanding Secret Hearings: A Guide by Criminal Solicitors at Rahman Ravelli
»  Latest Updates and Rights for Prisoners: A Comprehensive Guide
»  Guide to the New Terrorism Legislation - Rahman Ravelli Solicitors
»  Understanding Entrapment: Covert Surveillance and Human Rights Defence
»  Understanding Informant Evidence: Covert Surveillance & Human Rights Defence
»  Aziz Rahman represents the Gales in Gale and Others v Serious Organised Crime Agency
»  UK Companies Facing Prosecution for Trade with Gaddafi: Fraud Solicitor Insights
»  Two acquitted in trial over alleged £150m Ponzi scheme
»  10 Key Points to Avoid Prosecution under The Bribery Act for Businesses
»  Property fraud cases on the rise
»  Halifax Solicitor predicts more uncovering of Property Fraud
»  People in business face most scrutiny under new government internet powers
»  New legal issues all firms must know
»  Challenging Restraint Orders: How Innocents Can Protect Their Assets
»  Understanding Legislation Targets for Failure to Act in Regulated Professions
»  Business Advice for all UK firms from starting a business to flotation
»  Bugging of Conversations Between Lawyers & Their Clients in Prison
»  Understanding Conspiracy to Murder: A Legal Perspective by Rahman Ravelli
»  The New Money Laundering Offences and Longfirm Frauds
»  Defence Against Global Fraud & Corruption Allegations by Rahman Ravelli
»  Murder: Conspiracy and Joint Enterprise

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