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E-Book Archive

Edition: January - February 2016

  • The Year Ahead
    Aziz Rahman considers some points of interest in the world of business and financial crime for 2016.
  • Red Alert
    Why new rules intended to cut red tape could mean extra responsibilities and risks for business.
  • The Past Year
    A review of the law regarding financial and business crime in 2015


Edition: November - December 2015

  • Bribery Act Contravention
    A cabling company has become the first to be penalised for breaching Section 7 of the Bribery Act. Aziz Rahman considers the implications.
  • Euribor Warning
    Euribor charges show that The City faces greater scrutiny than ever before. Which is why Aziz Rahman believes compliance now has to be at the top of everyone's agenda.
  • Agents Of Risk
    The UK's estate agents body has admitted its members are doing little to tackle money laundering. Aziz Rahman considers the risk they are running.
  • Whistling Louder
    Whistle blowing is on the increase, according to the Serious Fraud Office. So what does this mean for companies looking to prevent and identify wrongdoing?


Edition: October 2015

Featured Articles:

  • All Change
    The creation of an International Corruption Unit needs to be examined closely by those in business.
  • Testing Times
    Why the VW emissions-testing scandal is as much about fraud, compliance and liability as it is about clean air.
  • Explanations Necessary
    Government moves to force people to justify the source of their wealth will make the right legal representation even more crucial.
  • Going To Ground
    Arrests over alleged landfill tax fraud have put environment-related business crime in the spotlight. Aziz Rahman explains how such accusations can be challenged.
  • Dropped
    Aziz Rahman explains why the dropping of plans for an offence of failing to prevent economic crime is no excuse for making prevention a low priority.


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