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Edition: August - September 2015

  • DPA's – When are They The Right Option?
    The UK's first Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPA's) are set to be reached. Here, Aziz Rahman explains the need to be careful when considering entering into one.
  • Stay Clean
    London has been called the capital of money laundering. So how can you avoid being implicated in it?
  • Act Now
    One third of small and medium-sized businesses do not know about the Bribery Act. Here's what you need to know to avoid falling foul of it.
  • The Serious Fraud Office and You
    What you need to know about the SFO - Aziz Rahman explains how you can challenge its fraud allegations.
  • Raid Aid
    The second part of our look at how to manage a raid on your premises. This time, we show how the law can be used to challenge all aspects of a raid.


Edition: July 2015

  • Showing Corruption The Red Card
    With football’s world governing body FIFA at the centre of allegations of corruption and bribery on a huge scale, Aziz Rahman examines how senior figures in any organisation can avoid such problems – and what they must do if faced with such allegations.
  • The Risks of Liberation
    The dangers that pension liberation and money laundering pose to those involved in pension funds and management.
  • Fraud, Large Organisations and the Individual
    With a town council now officially facing a fraud investigation, we examine what individuals in such a large body should do if they come under suspicion.
  • Honesty and Investment Fraud Prosecutions
    How to build an investment fraud defence case that disproves prosecution allegations of dishonesty.
  • Raid Warnings
    With regular, dramatic arrests regarding forex and fraud, we take the first of a two-part look at precautions that have to be taken if someone fears a raid. Here we consider the importance of procedures.


Edition: May - June 2015

  • Forex and Risk
    Five banks being fined £3.6 billion in the US for manipulating forex is a stark reminder of the legal risks involved in currency trading. Here, Aziz Rahman of Rahman Ravelli examines how the brokers and the traders in forex can avoid legal problems.
  • Five Years of the Bribery Act
    What has been achieved since the introduction of the Act that was intended to tackle bribery in business?
  • Shared Intelligence
    The Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Taskforce is an attempt to tackle money laundering in the UK. But it poses challenges for bankers, who have to be sure they respond appropriately if they are to be above suspicion.
  • Oil on Troubled Waters
    Why the Petrobras bribery scandal in Brazil serves as a warning to all companies about the dangers of bribery.


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