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Edition: November - December 2014

  • Blameless Shame
    The forex scandal has seen huge fines imposed on some of the biggest banks.
  • Check Out
    Initial reports of a £250M hole in Tesco’s finances have now been revised to £263M.
  • On The Inside
    Aziz Rahman considers why information is everything when it comes to insider trading.
  • Called To Account
    Accountants are often the first to be blamed in fraud cases.
  • Predictions And Possibilities
    Knowing what has happened in 2014 allows us a chance to predict the main events of 2015.
  • Wrongful Or Fraudulent
    A look at the differences – and the similarities – between wrongful and fraudulent trading.


Edition: October 2014

  • The Risk Of Failure
    Official talk of a new offence of failing to prevent fraud, money laundering and other business crimes may emphasise the need for compliance
  • Every Little Helps
    From being the UK's favourite grocer, Tesco has slipped from grace amid claims of a £250M black hole in its finances. Is this a classic case of salesmanship, perfectly legal but aggressive accounting or straightforward fraud?
  • Libor And Liability
    The Libor scandal is now expected to result in more people being charged in the coming months. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is looking for more funding for its investigation into what happened.
  • Source Of The Problem
    An official report into outsourced public contracts has been damning about the lack of fraud prevention in the way they are devised and operated. Which is a multi-million pound reminder of the need for a proper anti-fraud approach.
  • Eastern Customs
    For the first time, Chinese authorities have teamed up with European counterparts to prevent fraud. The joint operation, coordinated by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) may be a taste of things to come.


Edition: September 2014

  • Problem Solving
    Insolvency practitioners and those whose companies they handle face many complex legal, as well as financial, issues.
  • Underprivileged
    While frustrating for accountants, last year’s ruling that legal professional privilege (LPP) only applies to lawyers emphasises the need for both groups to work closely on behalf of their clients.
  • Money Laundering and the Accountant
    Rahman Ravelli’s Aziz Rahman explains why accountants are ideally placed to identify money laundering…and the legal obligations this brings.
  • The Numbers Game
    Here, we look at the risks accountants can face if their clients resort to misrepresentation when applying for mortgages.
  • A Practice Made Perfect
    Aziz Rahman of Rahman Ravelli explains why an insolvency practice has to know exactly when its staff or its clients could benefit from legal advice.
  • Costly Compliance
    Compliance is something that companies may wish to avoid investing in. But such avoidance can lead to businesses suffering a much greater cost later on.


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