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Edition: May 2016

  • Evasive Action
    Tax evasion is back in the news due to the Panama Papers scandal. But how do you defend yourself against such allegations?
  • Hard To Explain
    Aziz Rahman examines the government proposal for unexplained wealth orders (UWO’s) and argues that there is no real need for them.
  • Shopping Around
    With the collapse of High Street giant BHS attracting Serious Fraud Office (SFO) attention, Aziz Rahman explains why its investigators must tread carefully.
  • Shredded
    With Rahman Ravelli already having published a special advisory guide in the wake of the Mossack Fonseca Panama Papers scandal, we look briefly here at the most recent developments and their implications.
  • Failure
    Headlines about bribery and corruption should make people aware of how they should seek the right legal help should they be investigated.


Edition: April 2016

  • Uncompetitive
    A number of pensions providers have been warned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that they may be breaking competition law.
  • All Over
    The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has closed its investigation into allegations of fraudulent conduct on the foreign exchange market. Aziz Rahman examines why investigations are dropped – and how defence teams can influence this.
  • Approaches To Acquittal
    Two men have just been acquitted in a major money laundering trial. Here we look at the scope defence teams have in such cases to rebut prosecution claims.
  • Online Offensive
    Amazon and eBay are to be held liable for the VAT fraud committed by the overseas sellers that use the websites. Those based overseas who sell on the sites but pay no VAT are costing HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) millions of pounds in unpaid taxes – and the government is on to them.
  • Time Will Tell
    Section 36 of the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 aims to curb the excesses of banking. But will it succeed?


Edition: March 2016

  • Investment Fraud and Dishonesty
    When it comes to defending investment fraud cases, you have to go back to basics. After all, the jury will. No matter how complex the allegation or how diffi cult the subject matter may be to the average juryman or woman, there is really only one issue at the end of the day: those 12 people of the jury have to consider whether the defendant in the dock is honest or dishonest.
  • Investment Fraud And The Importance Of Defence Case Statements
    Defence case statements are taking on increasing importance in criminal litigation. This is especially so where there are huge amounts of unused material; as there always will be in an investment fraud case. The prosecution will have a lot of material that is not a part of their case – the unused material.
  • Investment Fraud And Regulatory Issues
    Many of our clients who are facing possible investment fraud prosecution are professional people who are regulated by a supervising body; either personally or through their company, or in some cases both. There is an interface between the civil regulatory process and criminal litigation. That meeting of processes can sometimes produce fault lines which can be exploited. This is a particular feature of many investment fraud investigations.
  • Challenging Investment Fraud Allegations
    Very often we will be dealing with clients, individuals or companies pre-charge. This is when early defence building can really begin earnest.


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