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Under the Spotlight - Spoofing and Market Manipulation

With: Joshua L. Ray  30th November - 12:30pm GMT

Joshua Ray will host a webinar that examines spoofing and market manipulation from all possible angles.

The event has been arranged by MBL, which hosts training events relating to law, compliance and tax. It will be pre-recorded and streamed at 12:30pm GMT on Tuesday, 30th November 2021.

With spoofing and other types of market manipulation remaining high up the agenda of law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Atlantic and in Europe, Josh will address the main issues of importance when it comes to charges being brought.

He will outline how spoofing is defined in law, the approach taken by regulators and how it can be identified and prevented. Market manipulation schemes that are related to spoofing will also be explained. Spoofing regulations outside of the US will be detailed, as will recent legal developments.

The webinar will also assess how spoofing has been interpreted by the courts and regulators in the US, UK and European Union.

To register for the webinar, visit the MBL website.

The "Under the Spotlight - Spoofing and Market Manipulation" event happened 57 days ago, 30th November - 12:30pm GMT.

Event roundup and debrief coming soon.

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Joshua L. Ray


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Joshua Ray represents individuals and corporates in complex investigations, prosecutions and regulatory actions regarding market manipulation and multijurisdictional matters involving fraud, bribery and money laundering.

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