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24hr Rapid Response: 0800 559 3500
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Civil Fraud

Using civil litigation to recover assets that have been taken fraudulently can be the most effective option for corporates or individuals. But defending such an action in order to retain assets can also prove to be a challenge.

The civil fraud route is a route that requires a great deal of preparation, thorough investigation and skilled co-ordination if a case is to be successful. Rahman Ravelli has, time and again, proved itself to be among the very best when it comes to using such attributes to build and successfully execute such cases.

We pride ourselves on having the expertise and experience within our civil fraud team to ensure that precisely the right steps are taken to achieve the best conclusion to a civil fraud case. We do this for every such case, whether we are bringing the claim or defending it and whether we are representing individuals or companies.

Our civil fraud experts work with speed and intelligence to remove all possible obstacles to a successful outcome.


Rahman Ravelli’s specialist fraud team advises on whether to choose the civil law rather than criminal law option if they believe they have been defrauded. Our solicitors offer individuals and corporates an informed, honest assessment of their chances of a successful outcome if they choose to bring a civil fraud claim. We work regularly with company in-house counsel to help larger firms manage such cases.

Civil fraud cases can cross borders and can proceed at the same time as a criminal or regulatory investigation into the same matters. Such situations require the ability to co-ordinate, expertise in managing negotiations with a number of authorities and in-depth experience of different countries’ legal systems. We offer all that - and “out of the box’’ thinking to come up with new ways of resolving issues.

Whether it be applying for or challenging one of the many interim relief orders that can accompany a civil fraud claim, we ensure that every tactic is used to obtain the most favourable result – wherever the case is brought and whatever the allegations.

There are many different types of civil fraud cases. They may involve entirely different companies or individuals, centre on activities anywhere in the world and vary hugely in their complexity and sophistication. But whether you are bringing or defending a claim, your response needs to be swift and correct.

We make sure it is.

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Civil Fraud

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Civil Fraud

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