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The modern world of business is ever moving and the pace of change is extraordinary. Whilst the opportunities for expansion and revenue are growing, so too are the regulatory and compliance burdens on businesses of all sizes.

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The modern world of business is ever moving and the pace of change is extraordinary. Whilst the opportunities for expansion and revenue are growing, so too are the regulatory and compliance burdens on businesses of all sizes.

Many issues arise in both national and international businesses that require firm guidance and accurate succinct legal advice. None more so than the areas of Compliance, Bribery and Corruption.

Compliance ranges from Health and Safety to the Distance Selling Regulations. Often it is the case that businesses are unaware of the obligations on them. Rahman Ravelli has experience of guiding a client through the relevant legal frameworks that apply to their business, however disparate these may be. In addition Rahman Ravelli has worked with clients to improve their businesses and compliance regimes allowing the business to move to new levels of productivity and compliance that they would not otherwise have obtained. Whether you know the advice you are seeking, or simply wish for a legal and compliance health-check Rahman Ravelli has the experience and knowledge to assist.

With experience in some of the largest and most complex frauds Rahman Ravelli are uniquely placed to provide the ultimate service regarding these areas and protect you and your business from their worst effects.

In addition, with Rahman Ravelli’s worldwide experience and understanding of multi jurisdictional issues, a genuinely holistic service can be provided to the client around all their compliance needs.

Bribery and Corruption

Chief amongst the regulatory issues facing today’s businesses is corruption.

The Bribery Act has placed into law several offences regarding bribery and corruption. Of most concern to corporates is the offence of failing to prevent bribery.

Rahman Ravelli can assist with any aspect of dealing with the Bribery Act, be it an investigation into allegations, the defence of a claim made, or undertaking proper due diligence and checks/balances so as to provide the business with a defence.

See also our Bribery and Corruption section in relation to Criminal investigations

Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Client

One specific part of the worldwide compliance regime is the requirement to understand who your client is and how they intend to pay you.  

This requires an understanding of, and compliance with, the relevant Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) provisions within your jurisdiction and industry. Navigating the pitfalls of this regime may seem to a commercial client to be yet another barrier to turnover and getting on with business, but the penalties and consequences are harsh and long lasting.

At Rahman Ravelli we have the expertise and the know how to assist you with issues in this area and provide you with advice and recommendations about how to comply with the relevant AML and KYC requirements as well as streamlining your processes and procedures to deal with them.

See also Money Laundering investigations

Risk Management

Do you know how well your company is faring in relation to its compliance obligations? Are you aware of what your obligations are in relation to compliance? Do you know how to minimise risk in your business either business wide or on a specific project?

With experience from our Business Defence  work Rahman Ravelli is able to give Commercial Clients clear concise advice regarding Risk Management and reduction as well as performing business audits to raise awareness of any compliance obligations and risks for your business.

In addition, Rahman Ravelli has worked with a variety of Risk Management professionals, including leading forensic accountants to provide strategic and tactical advice in many areas of commercial difficulty to mitigate risk and obtain the right result for the client.

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