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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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Investigations can be a major obstacle to a high net worth individual or a company’s ability to function to their full potential. And that is before any charges are brought or penalties imposed. Likewise if a company or high net worth individual has an issue they wish to have investigated this presents a similar block to success.

The key to dealing with any investigation is to be in full control of your affairs and able to either respond appropriately to the investigating authority or take the right steps to get the right result internally. This requires the right legal advice.

Only the right legal advice can ensure that someone under investigation has the fullest possible opportunity to explain the situation to investigators or to if an investigation needs to be undertaken for a high net worth individual or business that it maximises potential recoveries. With the right legal guidance, a company or high net worth individual can collate and refer to relevant evidence, use it to prove the points they are making to give satisfactory answers to any questions investigators may have or put forward an aggressive approach to recover monies they are owed.

Advice has to be sought as early as possible. If you have a belief or a suspicion that something is wrong, simply hoping for the best will not achieve anything. It is essential to seeking the assistance of specialist investigatory lawyers the moment something is suspected.

It is always far better to investigate and tackle a problem yourself rather than wait for the authorities to take action or for an individual to abscond with funds. Obtaining advice from solicitors who are experienced in dealing with bodies such as the police, Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or HMRC is the only way to guarantee you are able to give a comprehensive explanation of your affairs which will almost certainly be needed whether you are investigating yourselves or being investigated.

Leaving it too late or not seeking the right legal advice can lead to a company or high net worth individual finding themselves struggling to mount a proper defence of their actions in the face of questioning or being on the back foot for potential recoveries. If you suspect something is wrong in your business, or believe you may be about to be investigated by the authorities, you have to seek the right legal advice as early as possible.

An investigation can cost a company dearly in terms of time, money, trade and reputation. The right legal advice can minimise the immediate disruption and help limit the potential long-term damage.

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