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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
International: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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Competition & Cartels Investigations Solicitors

Cartels and anti-competitive behaviour is an area of law that can be hugely damaging to your ability to do business.

A cartel is defined as an agreement between potential business rivals not to compete with each other. One obvious example is price fixing. The precise form and nature of the agreement may vary but the consequences can be severe for those found to have been involved.

Individuals or corporates that are found to have conducted themselves in such a way could find themselves facing a criminal investigation and prosecution. Alternatively, the authorities may opt for civil action that could result in a substantial fine being imposed. And anyone who believes their business interests have been harmed by such behaviour could bring an action for damages.

Allegations of such behaviour can also attract the attention of a number of enforcement agencies in a number of countries. This makes it imperative that those in business ensure they are not involved in such behaviour.

The Need for Specialist Advice

If individuals or corporates believe they are being, or are about to be, investigated for such behaviour (or they suspect this type of wrongdoing is happening) they need legal representation from specialists in this field: specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the relevant law, who are used to dealing with the enforcement agencies involved and who know the business sector where the alleged behaviour was conducted.

It is only by seeking the best and most relevant advice that a swift, intelligent and appropriate response to such a situation can be devised and presented. Conducting an internal investigation into the allegations, introducing enhanced prevention procedures and knowing how to self-report any findings of anti-competitive behaviour can result in more lenient treatment from the authorities. But such matters need to be planned and conducted carefully.

An informed and considered approach is also necessary if you suspect your business interests have been harmed by anti-competitive behaviour and you want to seek legal redress.

Rahman Ravelli has the lawyers with the necessary experience and internationally-recognised expertise to ensure you take the right steps to avoid the problems that alleged cartel behaviour can bring.

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Competition & Cartels Investigations Solicitors

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