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Internal Investigations

A carefully-planned, properly-conducted internal investigation can be the best course of action when an issue needs responding to in order to prevent it becoming a legal or regulatory matter.

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Your organisation functions at its best when all involved can fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities. An internal investigation can be key to this.

Occasionally, companies and other bodies encounter issues that require careful examination and the most appropriate advice. Something may need to be assessed and acted upon to reduce the chances of it becoming a matter that could become the subject of legal or regulatory proceedings.

Such situations are most effectively and efficiently managed by conducting an internal investigation. An investigation carried out at the earliest possible opportunity allows you to examine the nature of the issue carefully and act accordingly on its findings.

Internal investigations are becoming more common as companies seek assistance in managing their own matters or in examining the affairs of another corporate they are looking to either merge with or take over. An early internal investigation carried out discreetly by a credible third party can be of great value in minimising potential problems, protecting a company’s reputation, determining any internal disciplinary measures and ensuring its day-to-day running is unaffected.


At Rahman Ravelli, we are set up to respond immediately to any request for such an investigation. We see it as our job to use our objectivity and expertise to identify the issues and offer you informed advice on how best to proceed. Such an investigation allows your business to keep functioning to its maximum capability while we assess how to resolve the issues. It ensures that you are fully prepared if you have dealings with UK enforcement agencies, including the Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue and Customs, Financial Conduct Authority or National Crime Agency, cross-border agencies such as Interpol or police forces or authorities from other countries, such as the United States’ Department of Justice or Securities and Exchange Commission.

Your business is like no other. The way we assemble an internal investigations team for you reflects this. We create a bespoke team of legal, financial and technical experts that will manage the situation for you from start to finish. All aspects of the investigation will be carried out by those with recognised expertise and experience in the relevant field. They will keep you informed at all times. When they have completed the investigation, they will then outline all possible options and outcomes in a clear, concise manner that will leave you in no doubt as to the true position.


Rahman Ravelli carries out internal investigations worldwide in all manner of professions and industries and has a network of international experts it works with closely. The firm contributes chapters to international legal guides on the subject of internal investigations. Our experience means that national and international companies, financial institutions, major organisations and wealth funds request our internal investigations teams to examine and assess situations, offer advice on the possible civil, criminal and regulatory implications and liaise with the relevant law enforcement agencies in any number of countries.

Recent legal cases on issues such as legal privilege and legislation relating to data protection have had profound implications for internal investigations. Our investigation teams are fully aware of every single aspect of the relevant law and are experienced in dealing with the relevant enforcement authorities and professional bodies in the UK and abroad. They make sure that potential problems are addressed and that complex situations are resolved carefully.

They work for you to manage the situation… so you can get on with running your business.

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