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24hr Rapid Response: 0800 559 3500
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As one of the latest and most innovative developments in business and finance, cryptocurrency could revolutionise the way individuals and corporates conduct transactions. It is arguably already doing so, to a degree. But nobody can afford to be blind to the risks that are currently involved in using it.

Although a relatively recent development, it has already been identified as a fraud risk and the currency of choice for many money launderers.

This has led to national and international enforcement agencies taking an increasing interest in the use of cryptocurrency. But, for now at least, that has not led to formal regulation of it. Which is why any person or organisation thinking of using it or investing in it must carry out thorough research on the currency they are considering becoming involved with.

Such diligence needs to cover both the cryptocurrency and the people promoting or using it. It would be rare for those in such a situation to possess a comprehensive awareness of all aspects of cryptocurrency – which is why it is imperative that they seek advice from those who have.

Managing the Risk

At Rahman Ravelli, our worldwide business crime expertise makes us an obvious choice for individuals or corporates seeking advice or representation on all matters relating to cryptocurrency.

We deal with enforcement agencies the world over all the time. As a result, we have all the necessary experience to either challenge assumptions made by them or, where necessary, negotiate with them in the course of an investigation.

Our cryptocurrency specialists are adept at devising and introducing procedures that help minimise the risk posed by cryptocurrency to those looking to use it. Much of this involves raising awareness among staff, carrying out due diligence on all those likely to be involved in cryptocurrency transactions and assessing the potential problems posed by individual cryptocurrencies.

Our experience, our expertise and our ability to work with and within organisations to enhance their preventative measures make us ideally suited to ensuring that anyone looking to use cryptocurrency in any capacity does so in the safest possible way.

Rahman Ravelli’s asset tracing and recovery department provides access to the full range of skills and relevant experts worldwide that can be required when looking to regain what has been taken by others who have used cryptocurrency as a vehicle for wrongdoing. 

This is important as, for the foreseeable future at least, the lack of regulation means that the risks associated with cryptocurrency are unlikely to disappear or even be reduced. This will mean many being put at risk of cryptocurrency-related crime. But it may also mean that many people become unknowingly involved in such crime, due either to them being unaware of the risks and / or not having taken proper precautions before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

That is why we have put ourselves at the forefront of representing those who believe they have suffered losses as a result of cryptocurrency or are accused of using it for wrongdoing.

Cryptocurrency offers a financial landscape with few barriers and little oversight. Rahman Ravelli provides the essential protection and representation for those who do business in this area.

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