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Cum-Ex Investigation Defence Experts

What should you do if you are investigated over Cum-Ex trading or dividend tax schemes?

If you learn that you are subject to a Cum-Ex investigation - or you are about to be - you will need to know where to turn for the best assistance. Anyone facing such a situation is very likely to feel under stress or upset, you may even feel angry or confused. This is only natural.

But knowing where to turn and whom to contact for practical help and advice can go a long way to helping you feel as if you are taking control of the situation. It is also the best way of making sure that you have every possible opportunity to have your say.

If you are facing a Cum-Ex investigation, you will want to make sure that the investigators know every aspect of what happened. You will want to let them know all the relevant details and ensure they do not jump to the wrong conclusions. That is, after all, how you can demonstrate your innocence. You should seek assistance, however, before doing that, and this is how we can help.

How to defend yourself in a Cum-Ex investigation?

Anyone who comes under investigation in relation to Cum-Ex deals wants to make sure that they can defend themselves in the best possible way. That may be stating the obvious. But what is not always apparent in the emotion and disruption of such situations is that the best help and advice can only come from specialist legal experts.

If you are investigated over Cum-Ex, you will need representation from the right legal experts.

Experts who:

  • Know all the legal issues concerning Cum-Ex trading, financial institutions and dividend tax.
  • Regularly deal with the agencies and tax authorities that carry out tax investigations.
  • Are experienced in defending those who face allegations that cross borders and involve various investigating authorities.
  • Are able to quickly remove some of the pressure from you and those around you.
  • Can uphold and protect your reputation throughout.

Nobody under investigation over Cum-Ex can know all the "ins and outs" of such cases or what they need to do as an investigation develops. But the best thing such a person can do is find the people who do know what to do, who will act in your best interests and ensure that your voice counts.

Why is Rahman Ravelli expertly placed to help?

If you are facing a national or international Cum-Ex investigation, you need assistance from those who can quickly discover the full situation on your behalf. By examining your position and the opinions of the investigators, we can give carefully-considered, expert advice on exactly what to do next.

Rahman Ravelli has decades of experience in assessing the problems facing clients and devising the course of action that will gain the best possible outcome. We understand that the best way forward may not always be clear to clients who are facing an investigation. But we identify what that way is for you, and make sure the best steps are taken to protect your interests and your reputation.

The advice and help that Rahman Ravelli can offer.

If your Cum-Ex investigation crosses borders or if it involves more than one investigating agency, it may seem that you are under attack from all sides. But we make sure that the confusion that you may first feel is soon a thing of the past. You will know exactly where you stand as quickly as possible.

We regularly manage the most complex, cross-border investigations that are referred to in legal terms as multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional cases. To you, it may seem highly worrying and stressful and that is understandable, but it should give you some comfort that to us this is, quite simply, what we do.

We use our in-depth knowledge of the relevant law across the world and our experience of dealing with all the agencies that investigate Cum-Ex to manage your case and explain what we are doing for you in the most understandable way. It is only right that you know what is happening at every stage of your investigation, and it's important to us as well.

How does Rahman Ravelli compare to other choices?

A Cum-Ex investigation may appear a daunting and complicated prospect. We understand that. But we work for you – which means we deal with all the complexity.

In such situations, we know that you want to feel the minimum pressure. We ensure that is the case. Our solicitors work in a way that lets you have your say when and how you need to while making sure you never feel exposed, alone or confused.

Ours is a people-first approach. We are well aware that those we represent feel they are in an awkward position. Our job is to make that position much less stressful. We know the demands placed on you are significant and we do everything possible to lighten the load for you.

Why should you choose Rahman Ravelli?

Clients come to us because we never lose sight of the people we are representing or the feelings they are going through.

But while we are people-friendly and always considerate of those we represent, we also put together the most robust, intelligent case on their behalf.

We gain high rankings in national and international legal guides because we have a track record of achieving the very best outcome for our clients. We do this in the biggest, most complex and ground-breaking cases. That is why we can help you should you find yourself among those who are targeted by a Cum-Ex investigation.

What options are there from Rahman Ravelli?

We know that your case will have many aspects. It may be far from simple – and it will certainly not be as straightforward as the investigating agency may believe. But this is our area of expertise.

In your investigation, the right response from Day One is essential. We make sure your response is the right one at all stages of your case.

We will defend you, challenge allegations and emphasise every relevant fact or point of law to provide you with the very best representation. Whether it be identifying facts or issues that the investigators had not considered or entering into negotiation to clarify matters with them, we are there to make clear your position.

We work at speed, with experience, intelligence and, when necessary, tact and diplomacy so that nobody can be in any doubt about the real circumstances you have faced.

What to do next - The steps you need to take.

As we have said, facing an investigation can be daunting. It can seem far from easy to work out how best to demonstrate your innocence. Even choosing who will represent you can feel like a major decision.

We appreciate that you may have a lot of unanswered questions. That is why we are happy to talk to you about your case before you make any decision on who will represent you. Hopefully, you now know a little about what Rahman Ravelli can do for those facing investigation over Cum-Ex. If you want to know more about us or any aspect of what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us whenever and however you wish.

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If you are looking to learn more about how Cum-Ex (sometimes termed The German Tax Scandal or German Cum-Ex Scandal) works, what's involved in the dividend arbitrage or claiming tax rebates or dividend payments that fail under the subject of Cum-Ex, you can find information, news, and updates here.
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