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Dawn Raids, Search And Seizure

A raid can help shape the course of an investigation. A robust, well thought-out response to that raid - and any subsequent issues that arise from it - is of massive importance.

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Dawn raids must be responded to in the right way in order to reduce the damage they can do to your business.

They can be carried out by enforcement and prosecution agencies such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), National Crime Agency (NCA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC) and the economic crime units of regional police forces. Raids are used as a tool by such agencies to obtain material that may be of possible use in a criminal or regulatory investigation into a corporate or an individual.

These agencies can apply to courts for warrants that enable them to search a premises and seize and copy or retain material that they believe is relevant to the investigation that prompted the raid. It is vital that the subject of a raid seeks expert legal advice immediately so they can keep disruption to a minimum and ensure that the agency conducting the raid does not overstep the mark.

The raid can be a crucial first stage in an investigation. Your response to it will be of huge importance. Responding to it vigorously and intelligently can be an important part of your defence to the allegations that prompted the raid.

Response to a Raid

At Rahman Ravelli, we are seasoned experts when it comes to helping companies and individuals prepare for the possibility of a raid. We can also be on hand at a moment’s notice if a raid is imminent and we use all our experience, as well as robust legal argument, to ensure our clients are not left unfairly disadvantaged as the result of a raid.

We are recognised for our ability to provide the right advice at the right time to protect your rights in a raid and make sure the agency conducting it does not exceed its powers.

In many cases it is possible to mount a legal challenge to a raid. This can be based on the application that the authorities made for a search warrant, whether procedural rules were followed and the conduct of the raid itself.

Raids can be dramatic for those who are subject to one. They touch on a number of legal issues and can be subject to a variety of legal challenges.

At Rahman Ravelli, we manage every single aspect of a raid to reduce the effect it may have on your working routine. It is what we do best. And we do it in a way that helps you keep doing what you do best.

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Nicola is known for her fraud, civil recovery and business crime expertise, her experience of leading the largest financial disputes and multinational investigations and her skills in devising preventative measures and conducting internal investigations for corporates.

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