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24hr Rapid Response: 0800 559 3500
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Freezing Orders

The freezing of assets is a serious step. It requires the right strategy as well as intelligent legal argument and decisive action in order to secure the right outcome.

Rahman Ravelli provides this in each and every case involving freezing orders. We always provide the most robust representation as we believe that is the best way to ensure that that our clients are in the strongest possible position to challenge what is being alleged by the other party.

We believe in addressing every issue relating to a freezing order with speed and precision so that those we represent suffer the minimum inconvenience and have the maximum chance of success.

A freezing order is put in place so that assets cannot be diminished or moved before a legal judgement is made regarding their ownership. Bank accounts, private and public shares, tangible property such as cars and land and intangible property such as goodwill in a business or intellectual property rights can all be the subject of freezing orders.

Every freezing order is effective from the moment the defendant (also known as the respondent) is notified of it. They can be used in a wide variety of situations and failure to comply with one will lead to contempt of court proceedings. Anyone who is considering bringing a freezing order or who is having to defend one must, therefore, seek the very best legal advice in order to assert their right to what is theirs.

Success when it comes to freezing orders can depend on strong and logical argument, a mastery of the facts and a legal expertise that can, when necessary, extend across international borders.

We use all of this, coupled with our huge experience in this field, to make sure our clients’ interests are represented in the very best possible way at every opportunity.

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Freezing Orders

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Freezing Orders

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