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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539

Defence Against Global Fraud & Corruption Allegations by Rahman Ravelli

Author: Azizur Rahman  1 May 2012
3 min read

Since investigations began into allegations of bribery and corruption in the Turks and Caicos (TCI), Rahman Ravelli Solicitors has been advising current and potential clients. As Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick's team conclude their investigations, there will be many people in need of expert advice and representation from experienced lawyers.

Rahman Ravelli has spent a large part of this year in detailed legal discussion with the TCI authorities regarding the investigation and the interests of clients. Our client feedback informs us that clients are most attracted to us by our pro-active handling of litigation and our swift, strong and intelligent legal representation that gets results.

During our time dealing with the SIPT cases, the firm has again been recognised in much sought-after entries in legal guides that catalogue the UK's and the world's highest-rated legal firms.

In the world's most prestigious legal directory, The Legal 500, Rahman Ravelli was rated as an excellent firm specialising in fraud and regulatory matters. The directory singled out Rahman Ravelli's founder Aziz Rahman for the "first class and highly experienced" way he handled such cases.

The UK's most authoritative legal guide, the Chambers UK Guide, said of Aziz Rahman:

"He courts growing recognition as a very bright, dedicated and shrewd tactician who prepares all of his cases to an incredibly high standard."

The listings in such guides came after a year in which Rahman Ravelli had taken on high-profile UK and international clients and successfully represented them in some of the biggest fraud cases.

Last year, Rahman Ravelli secured the acquittal in London of the main defendant in the $0.5 billion Imperial Consolidated case - one of the largest ever investment fraud trials.

The firm has a ten-year track record of success in representing clients of all nationalities in courts around the globe. With its expertise in defending clients in criminal prosecutions, Rahman Ravelli has emerged as one of the first-choice firms for people accused of fraud anywhere, at any time. That is why it continues to build on its huge experience of defending people - clients from all over the world who have faced corruption allegations involving billions of dollars.

With a growing number of national state agencies worldwide now able to confiscate a person's assets in criminal or civil procedures, many people need the best possible representation to defend themselves and what they own. Such allegations often only need to be established to the lowest standard of proof.

Rahman Ravelli is set to go to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to challenge the UK government's right to make a person forfeit assets without them ever having been convicted of a crime.

This forfeiture is possible under the UK's Proceeds of Crime Act; upon which the TCI POCA Ordinance was based. These civil recovery action and confiscation proceedings can be challenged. Rahman Ravelli is one of the most experienced UK firms dealing with POCA civil recovery and criminal offences under the Act.

Our pioneering ECHR challenge is typical of our "outside of the box" thinking that ensures our clients receive fair and proper treatment from the authorities. While regularly involved in major fraud and business crime cases, Rahman Ravelli has always sought to devise a fresh, innovative approach that is unique to each client.

Rahman Ravelli's worldwide experience, its network of expert partners around the globe and its track record of success make it the logical choice for people looking for legal representation because of the fraud and corruption investigation in the TCI.

Rahman Ravelli represents clients in cases brought by all manner of organisations: the UK's Financial Services Authority, Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue and Customs and Serious Organised Crime Agency, the United States' Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission and many other national, international and cross-border agencies.

At Rahman Ravelli, we pride ourselves on the fact that although we are an independent firm - not a huge multinational or corporate giant whose clients are just a number - we routinely deal with the largest, most powerful bodies on behalf of our clients. Our clients have the advantage of big firm expertise and resourcing but also benefit from our wellknown people skills. For example, all of our international clients can talk to our staff at hours that suit them and all will have access to their lead lawyers 24 hours a day. And, unlike some firms, we do not believe it is good for client relations to bill them per minute. We are a firm with global reach and an attention to the little things.

Rahman Ravelli's lawyers and consultants are all experts in fraud and corporate crime who know the stress that such an investigation can place on a person, their loved ones and their business. For that reason, the firm assembles for each client a bespoke legal team. We devise quickly the most intelligent and appropriate defence case and always keep the client informed of every development as it happens. Clients are always kept informed in plain, simple terms that they understand; not legal speak.

Rahman Ravelli. Sharp legal minds with a personal touch.

We know what to do... and how best to do it.

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Azizur Rahman

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Aziz Rahman is Senior Partner at Rahman Ravelli and its founder. His ability to coordinate national, international and multi-agency defences has led to success in some of the most significant corporate crime cases of this century and top rankings in international legal guides. He is recognised worldwide as one of the most capable legal experts regarding top-level, high-value commercial and financial disputes.

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