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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539

Market Manipulation Investigations

Spoofing and other market manipulation remains a top priority for law enforcement agencies. The line separating legal from illegal trading is often unclear. Avoiding or defending against regulatory action requires deep understanding of markets, trading strategies and the legal framework.

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Market manipulation is an ever-evolving area. The changing nature and increased globalisation of markets mean that the scope for manipulation, and the possibility of being accused of it, are also subject to variation.

Successfully avoiding, or defending against, regulatory action in this area requires an in-depth understanding of trading and market mechanics. It also requires experience facing off against the regulatory agencies that oversee the markets and impose criminal and civil penalties.

Rahman Ravelli specialises in guiding traders, investors and financial firms through the vast amounts of market manipulation regulation in two of the world’s largest and most active markets: the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Our cross-border team has vast experience of representing clients facing scrutiny or legal action from these countries’ primary market regulators, including:

  • The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO).
  • The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • The US Department of Justice (DOJ).

We also routinely advise clients involved in internal investigations related to potential market-related misconduct.

Our aggressive approach to market manipulation matters starts with a deep dive into the conduct at issue to fully understand the trading strategies that may lay behind it.

We then work with our clients and our network of trading experts to craft a defence narrative explaining why no laws or regulations were violated.

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