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24hr Rapid Response: 0800 559 3500
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Multi-Agency And Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations - The Importance Of Coordinating Your Response

As business becomes increasingly global, the possible legal and regulatory implications increase in size and complexity. Corporates and senior individuals can face matters that involve a number of countries, investigating agencies or regulatory bodies.

How you respond to such matters is vitally important. What you say and when you say it can make a huge difference to the outcome of an investigation.

Whether it be UK organisations such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), National Crime Agency or Financial Conduct Authority, the likes of the United States’ Department of Justice or Securities and Exchange Commission or any of the hundreds of other national and international law enforcement agencies, the right response at the right time to all of those involved is crucial.

Such situations require a careful, coordinated and intelligent response. An investigation that crosses borders and / or involves various different bodies must be managed by solicitors with expertise regarding the countries and legal issues involved and vast experience of dealing with the enforcement agencies that are conducting the investigations.

At Rahman Ravelli, we are adept at managing investigations that are multi-agency and multijurisdictional. The specialist skills of all our lawyers mean we can act swiftly to assemble a legal team to intelligently and robustly manage and respond to the specific challenges posed by the legal issues, the geographical areas and the enforcement agencies involved in an investigation.

Our lawyers are experts in challenging allegations made by agencies around the world. But they are also known for their ability to negotiate with authorities and, when it is necessary, cooperate with them to obtain the most satisfactory outcome. As an example, deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) have recently been introduced in the UK as an alternative to a criminal prosecution for business crime – and Rahman Ravelli has already been heavily involved in DPA negotiations for clients.

Managing National and International Investigations

No two investigations that cross borders or involve various agencies are identical. One particular incident can prompt allegations and investigations from a number of directions. They can involve many legal, regulatory and even civil law issues. But we are experts when it comes to devising and executing the very best possible course of action in any such national or international investigation.

Allegations regarding fraud, bribery and corruption, tax, competition and cartels, asset recovery, money laundering, civil fraud and even dispute resolution can all lead to investigation by a number of agencies in numerous parts of the world. Rahman Ravelli has the resources and the ability to manage all such cases.

At any given time, we are working on some of the most complex cases in the world. Cases that have national and international law enforcement agencies working together to secure the outcome they want to achieve. We are experts in the legal fields such cases are centred on. We have unrivalled experience of discussing these matters and negotiating with all the agencies that can be involved. Our track record shows that we are the logical choice when a client is looking to challenge the allegations that are the subject of an investigation.

Any individual or company that is the subject of allegations that cross borders or attract attention from numerous agencies is bound to feel under pressure. At Rahman Ravelli, we use our internationally-recognised skills to take that pressure off our clients and achieve the most favourable conclusion to even the most lengthy or complex investigation.

Devising and Implementing Your Defence

We respond immediately, examine all the legal arguments, assess all the evidence and documentation, devise the most intelligent defence and prioritise the matters and agencies that need to be addressed. Our way of working is about managing all the issues and every agency involved to achieve the swiftest and best result for a client.

Whether it is an investigation that includes a number of regulators and law enforcement agencies in just one country or a multi-agency, international case that involves organisations in the UK, Europe, the United States or anywhere else in the world, we use very possible line of evidence and all logical legal arguments to make sure every investigating body is given a strong yet reasoned explanation of our client’s position.

To put it simply, we are international and we possess all the necessary expertise to manage the most lengthy or complex cross-border and multi-agency business crime cases. Over the years, Rahman Ravelli has forged links with like-minded legal experts all over the globe. They help us guarantee that we can open the most intelligent and quick dialogue with investigating agencies in even the most far-flung places.

We recognise that business can cross many borders and boundaries. So we make sure the service we offer does exactly the same.

Multi-Agency and Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations

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Multi-Agency And Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations - The Importance Of Coordinating Your Response

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