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Regulated Professionals

As a professional, you are an acknowledged expert in your field. And you are regulated.

Regulation is in place to ensure that individuals or organisations uphold the reputation of their profession or business sector and are legally compliant. Regulation by a professional body brings with it responsibilities for those being regulated. And regulatory issues can, in certain circumstances, prompt investigations by the police or other law enforcement agencies.

As regulation continues to extend its influence into more aspects of many professions, the right advice is becoming increasingly important. Regulated professionals need access to the relevant experts in order to correctly address any professional discipline and / or legal issues that arise from an allegation or set of circumstances.

At Rahman Ravelli, we meet those needs. Our internal investigations teams will devise and carry out a thorough examination of the allegations of wrongdoing and assess the available evidence. Rahman Ravelli’s crisis management teams will then determine the most appropriate response in relation to any professional body, legal agency or even media outlet that has taken an interest in the allegations.

Professional regulation places demands on those being regulated. We manage those demands and resolve them in the most satisfactory way possible to protect and preserve your professional standing.

Rahman Ravelli works swiftly and discreetly, in a way that is tailored to your requirements, in order to obtain the very best possible outcome to regulatory and legal investigations.

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