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Professionals, Regulation And Having The Best Representation

Issues relating to regulation can lead to criminal investigation. Regulated professionals should seek the relevant legal experts to assess a situation, devise a course of action and manage the consequences.

Regulation serves an important purpose. It is used to make sure the reputation of a profession or business sector is upheld and that those working within it are acting ethically, professionally and legally.

Investigations conducted by a professional body can involve a variety of issues and proceed in various ways. They can also lead to investigations by the police or other enforcement agencies.

This is why it is so important that anyone facing regulatory investigation seeks the best legal advice immediately. The best expertise will be needed to address any professional disciplinary and/or legal issues that arise from allegations.

Rahman Ravelli’s internal investigations teams conduct thorough examinations of allegations while our crisis management teams decide on the most appropriate course of action to take. The correct response to enquiries made by a regulatory body, a law enforcement agency or even a media organisation can be vitally important in preserving a person’s professional and personal standing.

We work discreetly and swiftly to secure the best possible conclusion to regulatory and legal investigations. The importance of being able to expertly assess the issue, devise the best course of conduct and carry it out in the most effective way possible to obtain the correct result cannot be overemphasised.

Rahman Ravelli does this for all types of professionals facing all manner of regulatory issues.

Dealing With Regulatory Enforcement

Regulation in the workplace is like any other set of rules. Its success depends on its enforcement – and enforcement can mean penalties for those who are judged to fall short of its requirements. Such regulation can be subject to change and can often see new responsibilities placed on those covered by it. They are then obliged to be aware of any changes and comply with them.

The sanctions can be large for those who fail to meet the requirements of regulation, however recently such measures have been introduced or changed. It is imperative, therefore, that anyone seeks informed advice if they are unsure of the exact details of regulation that applies to them. Staying abreast of any changes to regulations that affect your profession or business sector can be a demanding task. And failure to do this can bring with it punishments including, in some cases, criminal sanctions.

For this reason, Rahman Ravelli has created legal teams to both advise clients on regulation that affects them and represent them if they are investigated for suspected regulatory failings. Our teams are experts in the regulations and in dealing with the bodies that enforce them. They represent individuals, corporates and other organisations and make sure those clients receive the very best advice and guidance on all matters relating to regulatory compliance, investigations and the imposition of sanctions.

The Value Of Dispute Resolution

In any area of work, accusations can be made and disputes can develop.

Whether it be allegations of wrongdoing, consumers or fellow professionals claiming unfair or unethical business practices are being used or any other issues where malpractice is being alleged, the most favourable outcome will be secured by seeking advice as early as possible.

Early advice can mean that the dispute is managed intelligently and strategically. It can prevent the problem escalating and maximise the chances of any allegations being challenged successfully or resolved with the minimum of damage. This is the case regardless of how complex a dispute is.

Whether a dispute crosses borders, involves a number of jurisdictions or attracts the attention of one or more regulators, Rahman Ravelli’s specialist teams are on hand at all times to advise and steer the safest possible course through even the most challenging allegations.

Steering such a course can prevent a dispute becoming a matter that has to be decided by a regulatory body or even a civil or criminal court.

We understand the problems a dispute can pose. But we are adept at recognising the remedy and the best way of obtaining it.

Protecting Reputations

Any allegations made or disciplinary action brought can have implications for the reputation and financial standing of an individual or corporate. In such circumstances, doing nothing should never be considered an option.

Problems need to be examined and allegations must be analysed as soon as they become apparent. As we have mentioned, swift action makes it easier to challenge accusations. But an early and appropriate response can also minimise the damage such a situation can do to a person or company’s reputation.

In business, a reputation is your most valuable non-tangible possession. The right action needs to be taken to protect it.

As lawyers specialising in the business and professional worlds, we know every aspect of the relevant law. But we are also experts in reputation protection.

We recognise all the steps necessary to prevent an investigation damaging the personal and professional profile of our clients. And we take all of those steps in a way that ensures maximum effectiveness for those we represent.

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Nicola is known for her fraud, civil recovery, arbitration and business crime expertise, her experience of leading the largest financial disputes and multinational investigations and her skills in devising preventative measures and conducting internal investigations for corporates.

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