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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
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Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
International: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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Sanctions Solicitors

Sanctions are political and/or economic measures that are introduced by a state, country or international organisation. While their primary aim is usually to penalise (or at least affect the behaviour and decision making of) a regime or individual they can have major implications for business.

That is why any individual or organisation trading or looking to trade across borders has to make all the appropriate checks to ensure that they are not breaching or will not breach any sanctions. And they have to seek the best advice available the minute they face any problems regarding sanctions.

The types of sanctions and the exact measures within them may differ. They could include restrictions on imports and exports, limits on financial activity within a certain area or even travel bans. They can be imposed on individuals, companies, organisations, states, industries tied to certain states and even particular ships or aircraft.

As a result, sanctions can be complicated and difficult for the layman to interpret. But everyone in business must realise that any breaching of sanctions can result in hugely damaging penalties and prosecution.

No individual or corporate looking to do business can afford to either ignore or misunderstand sanctions. They have to take expert legal advice if there is the slightest chance that their current or proposed business activity could lead to accusations of sanctions breaching. And if any company or individual is accused of this, they will need immediate representation from lawyers working in the area of international business crime.


At Rahman Ravelli, our international business crime expertise has seen us praised repeatedly by UK and worldwide legal guides. We work across borders and all over the world to represent our clients’ interests, defend them against any allegations that may arise and advise them on how to make sure they do not breach sanctions and any other restrictions that have been imposed.

We are familiar with authorities and regulatory agencies the world over and are experienced in both challenging them and negotiating with them. Our advice is both practical and based on in-depth knowledge.

Sanctions are a direct reflection of political turbulence and, like that turbulence, they may be far from simple and subject to swift change. We advise on all such matters so that those in business know exactly what the situation is and remain legally compliant.

If sanctions-related problems do arise, Rahman Ravelli’s international business crime experts are always on hand to examine the nature of the allegation and take all necessary steps to resolve it. We can mobilise a rapid response, devise the most appropriate strategy and have our team wherever in the world the issue has arisen in a matter of hours.

We represent and work with individuals, corporates and governments the world over. We know the legal landscape wherever you are looking to trade – and we can be your best protection against any challenges posed by sanctions.

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Sanctions Solicitors

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Sanctions Solicitors

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