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Rahman Ravelli addresses worldwide corruption risks in speech at the Think Global conference

Author: Azizur Rahman  16 April 2021

Posted in : Bribery & Corruption .

Rahman Ravelli gave a speech at the International Trade Council’s Think Global conference about the dangers of corruption in business.

They detailed how businesses and individuals have to recognise the risks of corruption worldwide and take steps to avoid becoming involved in it.

Their speech, entitled “Handling corruption issues - Why corruption risk is not just about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’’, explained why those involved in business in more than one country need to be aware of the implications of a recent US legal judgement.

The decision, in the case of US v Napout, expanded greatly the ability of US prosecutors to target corruption in other jurisdictions. It confirmed that foreign bribery can be prosecuted in the US as wire fraud, even when no US company or citizen is involved.

Rahman Ravelli told the conference what the judgement means for businesses inside and outside the US; particularly how it can affect their anti-bribery compliance procedures. Their speech considered this with regard to companies involved in development projects sponsored by multilateral development banks (MDBs) or the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), who often receive US government funds.

Think Global is an international event that aims to assist businesses on matters such as exporting, importing, foreign direct investment and overcoming technical barriers to trade. It attracts manufacturers, exporters of products and services and supply-chain management firms from around the world.

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