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/ News / Legal Director Syed Rahman Comments on the UKs 4th UWO in Law360

Legal Director Syed Rahman Comments on the UKs 4th UWO in Law360

The National Crime Agency said on Wednesday it has secured its fourth unexplained wealth order against a Northern Irish woman with suspected links to paramilitary activity

Legal Director Syed Rahman said, "news that the NCA has issued a further unexplained wealth order (UWO) is another warning shot to those engaged in acquiring assets through criminal conduct. It is the second time in less than two weeks that we have seen a UWO used as part of an ongoing investigation.

Despite UWOs being available to the authorities for over a year, until recently we had yet to see them being utilised on a regular basis. But with three issued since late May it seems like the proverbial floodgates appear to be opening.

The fact that those suspected of involvement in serious and organised crime are now becoming targets is perhaps unsurprising. A UWO gives the authorities a direct route to the assets of those suspected of criminality. There is no need for a conviction or even for charges to have been brought. For that reason alone a UWO is a very attractive option to the NCA and other enforcement agencies."

This piece was originally featured on Law360. (subscription required)

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