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Legal guide praises Aziz Rahman's sense of justice and fairness

Aziz Rahman has been praised for his pursuit of justice and fairness in this year's edition of the UK's most authoritative legal guide.

Fifty full-time researchers examined the credentials and work of solicitors before deciding who made it into this year's edition of the prestigious “Chambers UK Guide”.

Mr Rahman, whose firm Rahman Ravelli Solicitors is based in Halifax, is included in the Guide as one of the UK's most notable criminal fraud practitioners. The firm specialises in commercial fraud and complex crime cases but also represents local people facing prosecution for more routine matters.

This year's Chambers UK Guide says: “Aziz Rahman is managing partner of Rahman Ravelli Solicitors. He courts growing market recognition as a very bright, dedicated and shrewd tactician who prepares all of his cases to an incredibly high standard.

“He is driven by the pursuit of justice and fairness to all and this shines through in every aspect of his work.”

Mr Rahman's entry in this year's Guide comes after 12 months that have seen Rahman Ravelli open a London headquarters and represent a growing number of high-profile clients in national and international cases.

He said: "Chambers UK is viewed as the guide to the best solicitors so I am obviously very pleased to have been included in it.

“It is especially pleasing to be identified for the principles of fairness and justice, as we have always put them at the forefront of all our work. Not everyone has a high opinion of solicitors so it means a lot to us at Rahman Ravelli to have our dedication and integrity recognised.”

This is the second consecutive year Mr Rahman has appeared in the Guide.

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Legal Guide Praises Aziz Rahman's Sense of Justice and Fairness

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