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Rahman Ravelli's Aziz Rahman discusses the UK's first use of an unexplained wealth order in The Times

12 October 2018

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Zamira Hajiyeva, the wife of an Azerbaijani banker who was jailed for a massive fraud on his country’s state-owned bank, is in the spotlight as the first person hit with an unexplained wealth order (UWO) in the UK.

The thinking behind UWO’s seems to be that they are a way of showing that the government is getting tough on those who come to this country while benefiting from the proceeds of crime. In a way, the first UWO has served its purpose: the case has received media coverage and the authorities have been shown to be taking action against someone who is enjoying wealth that has been obtained illegally.

Yet the real fight to obtain Mrs. Hajiyeva’s assets is still to come.

Aziz Rahman, senior partner at Rahman Ravelli wrote an article for The Times that gives his thoughts on the case. It can be read here.

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