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SFO’S ROLLS-ROYCE INVESTIGATORS NOW LOOKING AT OTHER COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) says it has opened “fresh lines of inquiry” into bribery and corruption at several companies due to evidence gathered in its Rolls-Royce investigation.

25 January 2017

Ben Morgan, the SFO’s joint head of bribery and corruption, has said it has acquired information on the role of middlemen who operated on behalf of Rolls-Royce and other companies beyond the aerospace sector. His quotes came after Rolls-Royce agreed to pay £671m in fines to regulators in the US, UK and Brazil after admitting bribery and corruption charges in more than seven countries over more than 20 years

Mr Morgan added that the SFO would make decisions in the coming months regarding charging individuals in the Rolls-Royce case.

Any companies or individuals facing SFO scrutiny as a result of the Rolls-Royce investigation need to seek expert legal advice immediately, if they have not done already.

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