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12 February 2018

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Authorities in Switzerland are investigating an online fundraising company accused of stealing millions of dollars of donations intended for charities.

The fundraising platform Ammado is accused of depriving organisations, including the Geneva-based International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), of huge amounts of money through what Swiss prosecutors have called “embezzlement’’ and “disloyal management’’.

The head of the fundraising company is in custody after being arrested at Zurich airport and the company’s headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, have been raided and potential evidence taken away.

Unfortunately, charities and those who give to them have long been targets for those looking to make fraudulent gains. That is why such organisations have to make all possible checks on anyone offering to act on their behalf, in any capacity.

We have been offering advice on this for many years so it is always a shame when any new account of charities being defrauded comes to light.

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