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7 March 2018

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The Serious Fraud Office is to seek a retrial of the three former Tesco executives who were charged over the supermarket giant’s accounting scandal.

Carl Rogberg, Christopher Bush and John Scouler were charged with fraud and false accounting over the 2014 controversy that saw Tesco overstate profits by £250M. Their trial, which was in its final stages at Southwark Crown Court, was abandoned in February after Mr Rogberg suffered a heart attack.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has said that it has written to the court to seek a retrial.

Aziz Rahman, founder of Rahman Ravelli, said that while the SFO’s decision is not the one the men would have hoped for, they still have ample opportunity to mount a robust defence to the allegations.

He added: “There is little doubt that the SFO has a number of powers that make it a formidable opponent if it decides to prosecute an individual or corporate.

“But that does not mean that it has to have things all its own way. A shrewd defence team can challenge the allegations all the way from the earliest stages of an investigation through to any trial, if the investigation proceeds to that stage.

“Anyone facing an investigation can, and should, question the credibility of the SFO’s claims, examine the quality of the material the SFO intends to use as evidence and look at the legal arguments and relevant documentation to contest the assumptions and allegations that it is making.’’


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