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Worldwide panel of experts focuses on cryptocurrency fraud at Rahman Ravelli webinar

29 January 2021

Each and every aspect of cryptocurrency fraud was scrutinised at an international webinar hosted by Rahman Ravelli.

The event, “Cryptocurrency fraud: Investigating, managing risks and recovering assets’’, was held on January 28. A panel of experts from around the world outlined in detail the procedures involved in offensive investigations, the most appropriate risk management methods and the best approaches that can be used when looking to recover assets taken through fraud.

The audience was comprised of crypto traders and investors as well as those working for cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet services providers, blockchain-based financial organisations and analysts, decentralised exchanges, lending platforms and digital assets data providers.

The event examined:

  • The planning of an investigation and the options available.
  • The order of events after court proceedings have begun.
  • The value of both negotiation and enforcement.
  • Possible risks and defence considerations.
  • Significant recent developments.

The panel members were Danny Ong, partner at Rajah and Tann, Singapore; Amanda Wick, chief of legal affairs at blockchain intelligence platform Chainalysis; Adrian Andrychowski, senior associate at JDP, Poland; Syed Rahman, legal director at Rahman Ravelli; and Rahman Ravelli associate Josie Welland.

Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539

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