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Media coverage and press releases
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FEATURED NEWS 22 September 2020

Legal Director Joshua Ray details for Fraud Intelligence the issues considered by a defendant facing charges in multiple jurisdictions
By Joshua L. Ray.
A defendant who is wanted in more than one jurisdiction needs to carefully consider a number of issues before they decide where they are going to face charges. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 22 September 2020

Senior Partner Aziz Rahman tells Lexis PSL about the issues relating to the breaching of a S41 POCA restraint order.
By Azizur Rahman.
The issues surrounding the breaching of restraint orders issued under S41 of POCA 2002 were outlined by Rahman Ravelli’s Aziz Rahman for LexisNexis. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 22 September 2020

Legal Director Syed Rahman tells Irish Tech News about the importance of investigating cryptoassets before investing in them.
By Syedur Rahman.
Rahman Ravelli’s Syedur Rahman wrote an article in Irish Tech News about the importance of carrying out your own investigations into cryptocurrency before investing in it. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 15 September 2020

Legal Director Neil Williams explains to Lawyer Monthly the risk of fraud in coronavirus loan schemes
By Neil Williams.
A number of anti-fraud organisations have argued that the government’s decision not to publish lists of companies that have received coronavirus loan payments has encouraged fraud. Read more

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FEATURED NEWS 9 September 2020

WEBINAR - The Cum-Ex Files: Europe’s biggest-ever tax investigation under the spotlight
By Neil Williams, Syedur Rahman.
Rahman Ravelli is to host a webinar taking an in-depth look at the rapidly-developing Cum-Ex investigation. Read more

Categories: Cum-Ex, Speaking Engagements
FEATURED NEWS 7 September 2020

Legal Director Neil Williams explains to The Guardian the potential for tax fraud in Leicester’s clothes manufacturing industry
By Neil Williams.
The number of director disqualifications and the extent of tax irregularities in Leicester’s textiles industry led The Guardian to seek the views of Rahman Ravelli’s Neil Williams. Research has shown ... Read more

FEATURED NEWS 27 August 2020

Rahman Ravelli's Aziz Rahman and Joshua Ray tell GIR why multilateral development banks may be attracted to taking a DPA-style approach to corruption
By Azizur Rahman, Joshua L. Ray.
When multilateral development banks (MDBs) identify corruption on their projects, they have a range of penalties at their disposal. Read more

NEWS 22 September 2020

Legal Director Syed Rahman assesses for Thomson Reuters the Financial Action Task Force’s “red flags’’ for identifying virtual assets being used to launder money
By Syedur Rahman.
The international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has issued a list of "red-flags" to help identify money laundering and terrorist financing activity that uses virtual assets. Read more

NEWS 18 September 2020

MDBs are boosting their enforcement relationships, lawyers say
By Joshua L. Ray.
Lawyers said on a 9 September virtual panel that multilateral development banks are strengthening their lines of communication with law enforcement as well as with their counterparts at other banks. Read more

NEWS 17 September 2020

London has been declared the number one location for those looking to resolve international disputes. Nicola Sharp of litigation specialists Rahman Ravelli considers possible reasons for this
By Nicola Sharp.
Reports on London’s Commercial Court and from major arbitration institutions have shown that London is the most popular place for international dispute resolution. Read more

NEWS 16 September 2020

With a US attorney facing jail and losing his assets for involvement in the huge OneCoin fraud, Syed Rahman of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli details the wrongdoing.
By Syedur Rahman.
The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is attempting to confiscate almost $400 million from the attorney who helped the crypto fraud scheme OneCoin launder hundreds of millions of dollars. Read more

NEWS 16 September 2020

Providers of hawala services in the UAE have been made to register as the state looks to prevent money laundering. Syed Rahman of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli assesses the UAE’s stance.
By Syedur Rahman.
The UAE has made it mandatory for the country’s hawala service providers to register as part of its efforts to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing. Read more

NEWS 16 September 2020

The Serious Fraud Office Director Lisa Osofsky has spoken of the improvements the agency has made in the two years since her arrival.
By Azizur Rahman.
Aziz Rahman of business crime specialists Rahman Ravelli considers her claims. After two years as Serious Fraud Office Director, Lisa Osofksy believes the agency is heading in the right direction. Read more

NEWS 15 September 2020

Closer MDB links with law enforcement come under scrutiny at Rahman Ravelli Webinar
By Syedur Rahman, Joshua L. Ray.
Multilateral development banks’ strengthening of communication links between themselves and with law enforcement agencies is leading to greater information sharing, a Rahman Ravelli-hosted webinar hea... Read more

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