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Media coverage and press releases
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Media coverage and press releases
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FEATURED NEWS 3 March 2021

Aziz Rahman outlines why HMRC imposing its largest-ever money laundering fine is important for business
By Azizur Rahman.
With HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) having fined a UK payments company a record £23.8M for breaching money laundering rules, Rahman Ravelli’s Aziz Rahman wrote an article about the case’s significance. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 26 February 2021

Syed Rahman assesses the likelihood of more Covid-19 loan fraud investigations
By Syedur Rahman.
With three financiers having been arrested over alleged coronavirus loan fraud, Rahman Ravelli’s Syed Rahman wrote for Lawyer Monthly on why he expects more such investigations. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 24 February 2021

Aziz Rahman explains to Taxation the significance of HMRC imposing its record fine for breaching money laundering rules
By Azizur Rahman.
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has imposed its biggest-ever fine for breaching money laundering rules. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 17 February 2021

Syed Rahman to speak at Europe’s biggest fraud and asset tracing conference
By Syedur Rahman.
Rahman Ravelli’s Syed Rahman will join a panel of experts at C5’s 15th Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Conference – Geneva. Read more

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FEATURED NEWS 11 February 2021

Aziz Rahman writes article in The Times questioning the Criminal Justice Act’s effectiveness in the wake of a Supreme Court judgement
By Azizur Rahman.
With the Serious Fraud Office losing a Supreme Court case regarding its use of the Criminal Justice Act to obtain documents held abroad, Aziz Rahman wrote for The Times about the Act’s effectiveness. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 10 February 2021

Joshua Ray assesses the prospect of criminal or civil legal action in the US regarding Cum-Ex for Law360
By Joshua L. Ray.
With Cum-Ex investigations progressing rapidly in Europe, Rahman Ravelli’s Joshua Ray wrote for Law360 about the likelihood of similar developments in the United States. Read more

FEATURED NEWS 9 February 2021

Aziz Rahman gives Thomson Reuters’ Regulatory Intelligence his views on the Supreme Court restricting the SFO’s use of Section 2 notices
By Azizur Rahman.
Thomson Reuters asked Rahman Ravelli’s Aziz Rahman for his opinions on the Supreme Court restricting the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO’s) use of Section 2 notices, In R (on the application of KBR, Inc) ... Read more

FEATURED NEWS 4 February 2021

Senior Partner Aziz Rahman tells Securities Finance Times what he expects to happen regarding Cum-Ex in 2021
By Azizur Rahman.
Rahman Ravelli’s Senior Partner Aziz Rahman was asked by Securities Finance Times what he thought may happen in relation to Cum-Ex in 2021. Read more

NEWS 1 March 2021

Multilateral development banks have adapted their ways of working in response to the pandemic
By Joshua L. Ray.
Joshua Ray of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli considers their new approaches. Read more

NEWS 24 February 2021

Last year saw a large fall in the number of fraud cases going to court, as a result of Covid-19
By Nicola Sharp.
Nicola Sharp of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli expects at least some rise in the statistics in 2021. Read more

NEWS 23 February 2021

Anti-money laundering obligations imposed on those selling art and antiques have not been welcomed by some working in this sector
By Nicola Sharp.
But Nicola Sharp, of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli, says it is imperative that they comply with the regulations. Read more

NEWS 18 February 2021

Some commentators have questioned whether London can remain the preferred destination for those looking to bring international litigation in the wake of Brexit
By Syedur Rahman.
But Syedur Rahman of litigation specialists Rahman Ravelli believes its reputation will remain intact. Read more

NEWS 16 February 2021

A co-ordinated European and US operation claims to have arrested those who fraudulently took millions from more than 50 United States banks
By Nicola Sharp.
Nicola Sharp of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli believes new US legislation should reduce the chance of similar offending. Read more

NEWS 15 February 2021

MPs are scrutinising the Financial Conduct Authority’s response to the London Capital and Finance scandal
By Syedur Rahman.
Syed Rahman of financial crime specialists Rahman Ravelli believes there is an urgent need for a review of the FCA. Read more