Brexit and your business

How will it be affected?

The British public’s decision to depart from the European Union (EU) has left the UK in a period of uncertainty. Business owners must now navigate this uncharted territory in a proactive and forward-thinking way to ensure minimal disruption to how they operate.

Even though the detailed implications of Brexit may remain unclear for up to two years, you can depend on Rahman Ravelli to keep you as informed and up-to-date as possible.

Our Brexit Hub takes an in-depth look at how the upcoming changes might affect your business and what you can do to minimise risk.

Learn how the exit process will affect your business by selecting from the four key areas we’ve outlined below.

Even prior to the referendum, there was uncertainty over a number of issues and what the effects of a leave vote would be. Below, you can see issues that were of the highest concern for UK citizens in the weeks preceding the vote, based on Google search volume.

Social media has long been a major part of our day-to-day lives, but it rose to a new political prominence during the Brexit referendum debate. Hashtags rose and fell, millions were spent and supporters from each side battled to convey their view points across the networks. Even after the vote the conversation still goes on.

Below, you can see what Brexit-related terms some of the 330 million active monthly users are talking about on Twitter around the world.

“The anticipated departure of the UK from the European Union in March 2019 has increased the uncertainty faced by UK business in the short, medium and longer term. The specific impact will depend on the nature of the departure, be it a confrontational ‘hard’ Brexit or an amicable ‘soft brexit’ including a managed transition period.”
Michael Mayer - Professor of Strategic Management, Bath Uni
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