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Mining, Energy, Natural Resources

The availability of commodities around the world is a major factor – if not the major factor – in the world economy.

The availability of commodities around the world is a major factor – if not the major factor – in the world economy. The global efforts to identify and maximise opportunities when it comes to gas and oil, mining, natural resources and other sources of power have created fast-moving, dynamic markets in both the commodities themselves and investment related to them, such as carbon credits.

Our teams that work in this sector have specialist expertise in each and every aspect of such markets – and all the legal issues that these produce. The global nature of such markets often prompts multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional investigations, due to allegations of bribery and corruption being made or accusations of related crimes such as money laundering or even sanctions busting. They can also be the subject of high-stakes commercial litigation and involve lengthy, involved asset tracing and recovery exercises.

All such situations need to be managed by a legal team with experience of the relevant market and an expert knowledge of the legal systems in the countries where the issues have arisen. Much of the activity related to mining, energy and natural resources occurs in locations that are thousands of miles from the traditional areas of corporate development and investment. Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and many of the CIS countries are all the subject of intense activity that is driven by the need to find and secure all-important commodities.

Each of these regions has its own risks, legal systems and ways of doing business. Prosecutions could be brought in the country where the wrongdoing has been committed but also in other countries if there is a breach of, for example, UK US or EU law. That is why the right legal expertise is essential: both before commencing any business in such a region and while such business is ongoing; especially if wrongdoing is suspected or alleged. We are recognised experts when it comes to managing and co-ordinating each and every aspect of a case that a corporate or senior business individual may be face in any country or number of countries.

Rahman Ravelli represents all types of companies and investors who produce, trade and invest in commodities in the areas around the globe where such resources are plentiful. We pave the way for them to take up opportunities, make sure their involvement goes as smoothly as possible and provide immediate, on-the-spot advice and strategy should any problems arise. If and when issues arise, we have all the expertise and experience necessary to conduct an internal investigation in order to determine what the exact nature of the problem is, how it has arisen and the best course of action to minimise its potential effect.

Political and financial factors can make the production and trading of resources a challenging and changeable area in which to do business. At Rahman Ravelli, we are abreast of developments and able to provide the very best advice at the most important time. Wherever you need it.


Mining, Energy, Natural Resources

Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539

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