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Rahman Ravelli’s Business Defence is a product specifically tailored to corporate entities. Business Defence betters your company’s position before, after or during an ongoing investigation and also protects your future business dealings by identifying any other issues your business may have before they develop.

A Business Defence team will undertake a comprehensive review of your business model and practices to ensure your business is prepared to meet the immediate issues it faces, understand its current position and protect it’s interests in the future.

In summary, this service encompasses:

  • A review of your businesses current Civil and Criminal issues;
  • A detailed review of the background to your businesses current Civil and Criminal issues detailing the areas where risk is generated and practical advice on how to remedy and/or remove this;
  • An opinion on tactical options regarding your businesses current Civil and Criminal issues and what steps to immediately take:
  • A general overall review of your businesses current practices, structure, risk management process, systems and controls and your current compliance status; and
  • The preparation of a report detailing any areas of concern and potential areas for improvement.

This report will feed into on-going advice regarding any current or threatened Criminal or Civil actions your business may have as well as allowing you to take steps to deal with any areas of uncertainty.

In order to undertake this review a bespoke team of expert professionals will be assembled to deal with the issues that require investigation. This will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of any Business Defence investigation and documented in our client care correspondence.

In addition, this report will be subject to Legal Advice Privilege and will therefore be restricted from disclosure, unless your business as the client chooses to waive this protection, to any third party or investigative body (subject to any local law variations) in any proceedings.

  • Specific Examples of areas where Business Defence can help:
  • If your business is served with a Freezing Order, how would you comply with it? What could your potential liability be?
  • What would you do if your business premises were searched or raided? Do you know what your rights are?
  • What happens if a conflict of interest arises between your businesses and/or its subsidiaries? What would you do to manage this situation if it arose?
  • What would happen if a dishonest employee took advantage of your businesses financial systems? How would you make sure this never happens again?
  • If any of your employees were displaying the classic signs of dishonest behaviour would you know about it? How would you discuss this with them?
  • Does your business have an Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy? What are the consequences if it doesn’t? Would you like regular updates on the latest developments in the law and practice in this area?
  • What happens if your business is ordered to produce documents under a court order? Do you have a document retention, recovery and disclosure policy? Are you aware that you could be sent to prison if you fail to properly answer a court ordered search?
  • If a fraud was perpetrated on your business how would you trace the perpetrator and the current location of the defrauded funds? How would you asses the prospects of recovering  any of those monies?
  • What if your employees or executive team have taken on too much responsibility and comply with too few checks and balances? How would you fix this without damaging the trust and confidence of your team?

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Rapid Response Team 24 Hour Emergency Contact:

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