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24hr Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
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Civil Fraud

Rahman Ravelli prides itself on its ability to use its extensive experience in the fields of Fraud and White Collar Crime to provide a superior service in the area of Civil fraud.

There are many ways to deal with fraud, but getting clear precise legal advice is essential in all cases. Whether the allegations are a complicated conspiracy or your business is in the initial stages of investigating a financial loss, Rahman Ravelli solicitors can help you make the right choices. In addition, the defence of any claim based on fraud also requires careful considerations and tactical manoeuvring to achieve the best results. This is achieved by the following:

Proper Use or Challenge of Interim Relief

Our view is that the proper and tactical use of interim relief can make all the difference in a case. Deploying an Ex Parte Worldwide Freezing Order can increase your prospects of recovery and strike an important pre action blow. A properly used Search Order can preserve evidence that will allow further investigation and asset tracing as well as supporting any claims that may need to be made. A Disclosure Order deployed against an innocent third party can present crucial evidence to join the dots in a complex fraud investigation. Security for Costs can be deployed to ensure that Claimants are not unfairly disadvantaged. There is also the possibility of looking to undertake Committal Proceedings for breach of penal notices upon certain interim orders. This can allow the victims of fraud the necessary leverage to ensure procedural compliance from a non engaged Defendant.

Likewise, if made the subject of a Search, Freezing or Disclosure order it is important to be in the best position to argue for their discharge, challenge or a reduction in their terms and effect. Proper advice at the right time is the only way to achieve this.


All clients deserve the best service they can get whether making or defending a claim. However, at Rahman Ravelli we do not leave any strategy, angle or option un-investigated. Civil fraud cases require the most tactical and procedural considerations and our view is that clients deserve the best and most committed team of lawyers. We are prepared to visit our clients wherever and whenever is convenient, including visiting client premises. We also believe that the client ought to have access to their legal team to ensure continuity of strategy and case progression at all stages of the case.


At Rahman Ravelli, our reputation means we instruct the very best barristers and can call on the best financial and investigative experts to guarantee that your case is researched, constructed and presented in court to the highest possible standard.

Whatever the case, we go to all lengths to develop case strategies that put our clients in civil fraud cases on the strongest possible footing. Our knowledge and proactive use of the law, our tactical employment of experts such as forensic accountants and our track record of seeking and obtaining disclosure of all possible evidence have made us the automatic choice for clients in some of the biggest fraud cases. Such expertise makes us the logical firm for people to whom success in a civil fraud case is vital.

Proactive Case Management

Civil fraud cases bring with them more available remedies than criminal fraud cases. They have also been subject to legal developments in recent years; making it more important than ever that a person’s legal team is fully versed in all aspects of fraud. For example, The Fraud Act 2006 has made it more difficult for Civil fraud defendants to refuse to disclose documents that could prove incriminating. Such developments are challenging – but not insurmountable in the right legal hands.

The merits of a case also need to be balanced against the clients aims and objectives as well as ensuring that there are assets to satisfy a judgment. In many situations the proactive and tactical consideration of where assets could be are as relevant as any other elements of the case. Trusts can be “busted”, transactions to defraud creditors set aside and bankruptcy powers used to determine where assets can be located to satisfy any judgments obtained. In addition, reciprocal enforcement can be used to draw in assets over many jurisdictions.

Likewise, in the defence of proceedings proper consideration to settlement, the privilege against self incrimination and the overall outcome of the case must be considered from the outset. The right strategy to achieve the right outcome is vital. So, therefore, is the right advice.

Civil Fraud

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Civil Fraud

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