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24hr Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
24hr Rapid Response Team: 0800 559 3500
“Experience and talent. Their level of case preparation is second to none" Chambers 2018

/ Serious Crime

Serious Crime

The Rahman Ravelli serious crime team solicitors are recognised leaders in this field with an enviable proven track record in representing clients facing the most complex allegations nationally and abroad.

We have acted in, and continue to act in, the UK’s most high profile cases; ranging from inner city, multihanded homicide cases to multijurisdictional, multiagency drug trafficking and evasion of duty cases. (See serious fraud for financial cases)

Our client base is wide ranging and includes individuals, professionals such as doctors, dentists, financial advisers, lawyers, company personnel such as directors, sports personalities such as boxers, military personnel and general members of the public. We treat our client’s case with confidence and sensitivity and manage any PR issues accordingly.

Bespoke Teams

We recognise that a client has placed their total faith in us. We feel a duty, therefore, to do everything to provide our clients with the strongest, most pro-active and intelligent defence available.

By tailoring a legal team for each client and by using our extensive experience of dealing with investigative and prosecuting agencies and analysing evidence, we are able to handle every case carefully and tactically. Our skill, persistence and negotiating abilities make us the logical choice for a client who wants to achieve the best possible outcome.

Clients have access to their case lawyer at all times. They are an integral part of the case-management system. We believe that is the best way to be able to react instantly to any development. It also provides reassurance for our clients.

We only instruct counsel who are as passionate about defending as we are and who match our expertise when it comes to challenging the prosecution case.

Strategic Legal Arguments

Defending is not simply about deflecting accusations. It is about building the strongest, most thorough case possible by continually testing, probing, investigating and developing arguments. It is this pro-active preparation that has earned us a reputation as effective defenders.

A serious crime case can be large or complex. It can involve difficult or rarely explored areas of law. Regardless of the size and nature of the challenges, our lawyers seek to identify and rebut all possible weaknesses in the prosecution case.

We have a particular expertise in deploying terminating legal arguments such as ‘abuse of processand are known for tackling positively complex areas of law such as admissibility issues, entrapment’, and foreign intercepts to name a few.

We are the country’s leading firm on the issue of the prosecution’s duty of disclosure, an extremely contentious area in any serious crime matter. Our case of R v H and C, February 2004, House of Lords, refined the law on public interest immunity and disclosure and is the landmark case on the subject, used by judges, prosecutors and the defence.

Serious crime cases need huge amounts of planning, commitment and expertise. Rahman Ravelli uses all of these when defending anything from manslaughter and murder cases through to complex, multi-handed conspiracies and financial trials.

If we take on a serious crime case, the client benefits from our full range of skills and resources. Our level of service has established our reputation, gained justice for large numbers of defendants and ensured our high success rate.

Serious Crime

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Serious Crime

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