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Fraud Defence

Our track record on corporate fraud has proven the value of our approach. We work with speed, determination and thoroughness to establish weaknesses in prosecution allegations in order to best represent our client’s interests.

All of our Corporate Fraud Department specialists are experts in dealing with all of the major investigating authorities, relevant government departments and bodies such as the Competition and Markets Authority; which examines matters of competition and cartel law. However lengthy or complex the issue may be, our staff can analyse it from every perspective and determine the best strategy for clients facing a criminal investigation, a civil claim or both.

If there is a criminal investigation, we explain all aspects of the situation carefully and outline the pros and cons of the available options. We make informed decisions based on years of expertise and discuss them in detail with the client.

Our Corporate Fraud Department staff are acknowledged authorities on Deferred Prosecution Agreements: what the authorities are looking for before offering one to a corporation, how that corporation should respond and what the implications could be. We offer unrivalled guidance on how and when to self-report any wrongdoing.

Informed Representation

If a corporation or its senior executives find themselves under investigation regarding serious fraud or a breach of their corporate duties, they need immediate representation to defend their assets and reputation.

Early legal advice from acknowledged experts is essential when faced with any allegation of financial crime. Seeking advice as early as possible can give a person or corporation a much greater chance of reaching a negotiated settlement with the authorities. A civil settlement is far preferable to a prosecution - but such an outcome can only be possible if there is early intervention on your behalf by legal experts. Financial fraud cases can be complicated; with any corporation or person accused of such offences needing the most astute defence representation.

The Bribery Act 2010 is now leading to prosecutions, is prompting increased national and international cooperation to tackle corruption and is able to make senior corporate figures personally liable for a corporation’s wrongdoing. Our Department offers the most robust defence to bribery allegations and provides the best guidance on compliance; helping corporations design out the potential for wrongdoing being carried out by their staff or associates.

We offer tailor-made advice on preventing money laundering within corporations - and on what to do if this has already happened. Such cases can involve huge amounts of evidence and a number of investigating agencies making a number of allegations. We ensure a corporation’s response is timely and appropriate; challenging assumptions and analysing evidence to devise a precise, strong defence case.

Issues such as civil injunctions, investigations by professional bodies, and restraint and confiscation proceedings all pose major challenges to corporations and the people who run them. Rahman Ravelli has years of experience in meeting those challenges.

Seeking advice as early as possible means you have more room for manoeuvre: more chance of not having to face a criminal prosecution, more scope for putting right the wrongs and, most importantly, more chance to prove to the authorities that you are serious about preventing bribery being carried out in your name.

Whether it is representing an individual - a CEO, board member or other senior executive – or a corporation, Rahman Ravelli has proved itself capable of obtaining the best results possible for clients in national and international investigations and civil and criminal proceedings.

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Rapid Response Team 24 Hour Emergency Contact:

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Rapid Response Team 24 Hour Emergency Contact:

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